Hotwife Coaching

This coaching module is for women with partners who have cuckolding fetish, who are unsure of how to respond to their partners, unsure whether this will jeopardize the relationship and also having the regret of not being able to satisfy his fetish completely (If you are a man and want your partner to understand the dynamics of this fetish and turn into the hotwife you always dreamed of, this course can be a perfect introduction for her to the lifestyle). This 75 day module will enable the female partner in a relationship to learn all the essential things of this lifestyle and offers a comprehensive guideline to help her become the hottest hotwife of her partners wildest dreams. After doing this course, your man will become insatiable for you, you will have a lot of control over your relationship, the intimacy between you and your partner will increase manifold and most importantly, it will boost your sexual confidence. You might or might not end up making this fantasy a reality, but either way; the positive effect on your relationship will be very profound. This module is designed in separate sections and some are activity based. The learner will have to read, perform certain activities and answer the questions to move forward in this module.

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